The time has come. It's been almost a year since I finished Tandem. My plan was to enter a multitude of film festivals to get the film "out there". Unfortunately that prevented the release of the film as many festivals have stipulations about release status. After being rejected from a handful of festivals, my plan was to raise some money and enter twenty more festivals. Now with my attention turned to my year long sabbatical wandering the globe, my perspective has changed. I am tired of sitting on my film and not having it out in the world just because I hope to get it into a festival. So, to hell with the festivals. Maybe word of mouth will help bring Tandem to the masses. 

I'll keep this post short as I want you to spend your time watching the film instead of reading a boring post. Please watch, critique, share:

(For best viewing experience watch in HD and Fullscreen in a dark room, preferably with the volume cranked)