My Sinister Hand Leads Me On...

    I have always felt I was out in left field. Not just being left-handed - which garnered plenty of raps on the knuckles from the nuns - but also in the way I view the world. My outlook is a bit skewed and, since I can remember, I’ve been driven to reflect that back into society. 

    I started making films as a young child shooting stop-motion shorts with the family video camera. I found that filmmaking allowed me to create worlds that would not exist otherwise and that fascinated me. Decades later I'm still making films, albeit with better equipment, as I strive to create surreal and fantastic stories. Over the past nine years I have directed music videos, numerous shorts and one low budget feature. I finished up my latest work, an experimental short entitled Stasis in June of 2015.

    I work freelance as a Director of Photography and Editor to pay the bills but I hope eventually Writing/Directing will be my sole source of income. 

   In August of 2015, I sold my house and 99% of my possessions and set out to see the world. Starting in Copenhagen, I made my way south until I hit Morocco.

    The original plan was one exact year traveling. I already knew the finances were not going to hold out that long. I found a new goal. One loop around the world. I headed east from there and I am currently working my way through Southeast Asia on my way back to Virginia, hoping to get there before the money runs out!

   Travel has been a great experience and an addictive one. I'm not even home yet, but I know as soon as I can save up some more money I will be back on the road. There is so much out there left to explore.



Photo: JLK Productions

Photo: JLK Productions